The set up is for 18650 lithium ion cells.

The four extended legs provide some extent of insulation and safety to the battery pack .

The setup does not require any spot welding. In fact using this kit does away with the need of spot welding completely.

Battery packs made using this kit are more reliable than spot welded packs, especially in applications where the battery pack will be put through physical stress.

It is easy to replace or remove a cell from the pack. The entire pack can be dismantled and re-assembled any number of times using the same kit. Unlike in spot welded packs.

Specially designed for E-bikes, hybrid vehicles and military E-vehicles. It can also be used to make battery packs for other energy storage applications.

The setup is maintenance free and need not be removed during the entire lifetime of the cell. Even after the life of the cell the same set up can be re-used for new cells unlike in spot welding.

Using this set up to make a battery pack does not void the warranty of the cell.

The kit is made using high quality materials and the same kit can be re-used any number of times. The kit offers a flexibility that spot welding does not.

Special Instructions

Our motor is a direct fit across brands and models but sometimes we may ask you to provide us with some extra details. These details will help us in making changes from our end so that you as a customer would not face any difficulties while installations. These extra details may include :

104 battery caps with internal contacts preplaced

104 nuts spanner/tool size 5.5

6 Tie belts.

140 interconnecting strips/bus bars

6 U clamp terminal strips.