Axle release Hub Motor and Kit

The Axle release bldc hub motor is a very unique product and probably the first one of its kind.

Our Axle release hub motor is designed keeping in mind not only the extra weight a regular petrol engine scooter comes along with but also the different dynamics involved.

18650 Battery Pack assembly Kit

The setup does not require any spot welding. In fact using this kit does away with the need of spot welding completely.

Battery packs made using this kit are more reliable than spot welded packs,in applications where the battery pack will be put through physical stress.

Plastic injection moulded products

Our products are highly precise and of the best quality.

Our tools and machinery used in the manufacturing process are latest and extremely high-tech. With constant quality checks we ensure that we meet all the guidelines requested by the client.


We undertake orders for Magnets, Batteries and Sensors.

Our manufacturing activity and our product line up has given us a rich experience in dealing with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers not only nationally but across the globe as well.